Dark Web Wallets

The dark web wallet is one of the most important and rated wallets around the world. If you have an interest in bitcoin, then you must have heard about the dark web wallets and dark web bitcoin. You must be surprised to know that the dark wallet is one of the most interesting dark web bitcoin wallets there has been ever produced that has also gathered great fame and acceptance in the market.
The dark web wallet has a variety of true innovations, but with these innovations and hype, there is a lot of criticism too on the other side. People have reported to filed many legal complaints against the use of dark web wallets and dark web bitcoin mixer. Now today we are going to talk about the detailed review of dark web wallet so stay tuned so that you can learn all about it!
Introduction to The Dark Wallet!
For those of you who don’t know about the history of dark web wallets, you must know that the basic concept of the dark web wallets was introduced by the two most talented and gifted web developers named Wilson and Amir Taaki. Now just as its name suggests, the dark web wallet was initially developed and designed to make sure it’s used can also get private and more secure. While talking about dark web bitcoin people usually think of them as an anonymous entity, but they are completely wrong. This is a common misconception led by people who don’t understand and who don’t know anything about bitcoin. The bitcoin is a legally registered digital currency that is now being used in almost every part of the world.
Now, as every payment, every transaction and every transfer of digital currency is recorded by the Blockchain, which is also more commonly known as the digital public ledger. This recording of your activities can easily get traced to the address that is used for bitcoin transaction. Now this problem was seen to be faced by many people and when the need for the dark web wallet was seen the two developers started designing the dark wallet to get rid of this privacy problem. Moreover, when they started developing the wallet, they also managed to give it more features like obfuscating the transactions of the dark web bitcoin and data privacy.
When the dark wallet was in the designing process, the developers thought to launch it in three different versions for the ease of their users. Now, this was decided easily and then was also executed in no time at all. This is said to be a unique and a more interesting aspect of the dark web wallet that it comes equipped with the three pockets named as the spending dark web wallet, the business dark web wallet and the last but not the least savings dark web wallet.
All of the three pockets and wallets have their own identities and their own addresses from which transactions regarding dark web bitcoin can be made. You can use and create as many pockets as you want, regardless of their number. So this is a very user-friendly option for bitcoin lovers.

What Makes the Dark Web Wallet Special?

Now people usually think why dark web wallet is so special and why is there so much hype about it? So we will here try to explain the core specialty of the dark web wallets. If we were to divide the two main special features of a dark web wallet, then the two most important features would be without a doubt the stealth address and the dark web bitcoin mixer or mixing; now we will talk about both of these features one by one.
The dark web wallet’s feature of stealth address is one of the most interesting features of the wallet. The dark web wallet creates a fake or a bespoke address for the transaction or the payment being made to a specific user. Now, this transaction is neither recorded by the sender or the recipient because neither of them has access to the address being involved in the transaction. The transaction is completely encrypted, and this is what ensures that neither of the parties can get hold of addresses being used in the back end system.
Now coming forward towards the other important feature of dark wallet is the coin mixing or the dark web bitcoin mixer. Now the dark web wallet has these two features that make it work together to ensure your transactions are a complete secret. The coin mixing feature is responsible for the core purpose of making the payments and exchanges non-traceable.
The art that they use in this feature is to exchange to combine the genuine transaction of another user in another corner of the world. This happens when you are using the dark web wallet, and another person is using his or her conventional wallet at the same time. This feature is also said to be working when you are transferring your coins from one web pocket to the other web pocket.
You Are Getting Started with The Dark Wallet!
The first thing that a user who is interested in dark web bitcoin business needs to know is that the dark wallet cannot be said to be polished and a completely legitimate wallet because of the above-mentioned features being doubtful. Now the product needs to be polished more, and it needs to achieve a very stable version in the market; currently, if you want to get started with it, you can easily use it on the extensions given by Google chrome.
For beginners, if you want to start using the dark web wallet, then you must enable the developer’s mode to load the unpacked extension of the google chrome.  The dark web wallet users need to give out complete information for login purposes. You have to give a wallet name, enter a password to secure it and to set a language.
Users can also add multi-signature wallets for each pocket having individual stealth addresses. The sender is also required to encrypt the payment to unlock the address of the receiving party, and for your information, this is something that is only readable by the recipient only. Another important feature of it is that a sender can choose to send coins to any address he wants to without being traced.

Final Verdict!

Now, after reading all of the above interesting information about the dark web wallet, you can now start using it in the right manner. For people who value anonymity while using the dark web, bitcoin will love the use of it for sure. The only problem in the dark web wallet at the moment is that it is still the alpha stage if its development and so because of this many legal concerns are being shown by the users.
In the latest version, we have seen no major updates, and this is a shame as after four years of launch it is still in its alpha stage. There is no news about the launch of the second generation of the product, but one thing is clear that the dark web users are waiting anxiously for the new and improved version!

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