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The dark web is characterized by lots of privacy and anonymity, so what is a bitcoin wallet doing on the dark web? The dark web as we know it today is a part of the internet that is shielded from the public eye because users need special software to access this part of the internet. Simply because of its shield and privacy, a lot of illegal activities go down in the dark web making it difficult to believe that anything good, clean or legal can grow and thrive in the dark web. Although the dark web is one scary part of the internet, there exists both the good and bad in this part as well. Not all dark web users are scammers and hackers. Some people are on the dark web simply because they want to surf the internet anonymously.
Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency was developed at a time when the whole world believed that almost, if not all, the money in all of the world is controlled by the government. This fact alone is what steered people towards thinking about a way to transact and trade without the government’s knowledge. although trades and transactions have been carried out long ago before the advent of bitcoin, it should be noted that most payments and transactions in the dark web back then were easily traced back to the real sender or receiver by the FBI. The advent of bitcoin gave more light to the dark web, Dark web users can now make payments for goods and services in a truly anonymous way without the knowledge of the government.
Bitcoin faltered int he aspect of anonymity when all transaction
details are logged on the bitcoin blockchain for public consumption. It is, therefore, a piece of pie for the government to link a particular bitcoin transaction to a money launderer even when such transactions were carried out using bitcoin. One easy way of detecting who sent what and to who is the knowledge of the KYC (Know Your Customer). when transaction details have been gotten, government officials or even ordinary hackers simply trace the start of such transactions to a given bitcoin wallet and the address used in the transaction is pinned to a particular KYC holder.
This is what gave rise to the dark web bitcoin wallet. Since the dark web is a place where people ask fewer questions about who you and more about what you want to buy, it becomes easier to transact bitcoin in the dark web than on the clear net. When transacting bitcoin in the dark web, users are not required to submit any KYC and there are no logs that government officials can pry through when the wallet company is burst. Most bitcoin wallet providers that exist in the dark web exist not like a company but more like individuals. this means that they can take a run at any time (which happens to be a disadvantage here) but then,m they will never ask you for KYC nor do they want to know your real name and address, not even a phone number. some of these wallet providers in the dark web even advise users never to sign up with their real names and addresses. Some go as far as telling users to generate a new email address specifically for the wallet alone. All of these ensures the safety of users of these wallets.
Although most of the dark web bitcoin wallet providers have lots of advantages, they have several disadvantages as well. the loss of your bitcoins is imminent if you store your bitcoins with wallet providers on the dark web. It is safe to say that bitcoin wallet providers in the dark web make bitcoin more anonymous than their counterparts in the clearnet. It is far more advisable for people with lost of bitcoin to store their coins in cold storage outside of any bitcoin wallet provider range and server.
In transacting bitcoin then, when the amount to be transacted is temporarily stored with a clearnet bitcoin wallet provider, it should be noted that performing the transaction using a dark web
bitcoin wallet provider will raise the level of anonymity of the transaction by far than transacting with an ordinary clearnet bitcoin wallet provider.

Although the dark web may be filled with lots of dangers and disadvantages when it comes to transactions, bitcoin wallet providers in the dark web can provide an extra layer of privacy and anonymity for any bitcoin transaction. As more people crave privacy online, the dark web becomes more popular by the day. Before now, the dark web is seen as a mythical place inside the deep part of the internet where only the rugged and high ranking gangsters meet and trade. Nowadays, the myth is debunked and even young and old follow suit to surf the dark web with ease. the Silk Road makes use of the dark web probably more and so the dark web bitcoin wallets come handy. Lots of money is moved in the Silk Road and as such, the KYC and other government-issued policies that flood the clearnet will make it difficult to move huge amounts of funds (usually in bitcoin) using clearnet bitcoin wallets. But in the dark web, less government power is felt and as such, people often believe they are untouchable there. Dark web users barely follow any government-issued rules and as such, the Silk Road benefits more from dealing with dark web bitcoin wallet providers.
It should be noted that there is no evident difference in the way the dark web bitcoin wallet providers operate with respect to their clearnet counterparts. The wallets are signed up for just as in the clearnet and wallet addresses can be generated for each and every transaction
to be carried out. These wallet providers also provide storage for users’ bitcoin (while most of what is done are of an advantage, it will be best not to store bitcoins with a dark web wallet provider) as in the case of clearnet wallet providers.

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