Dark Web Bitcoin Mixers

The issue of using mixers for bitcoin on the dark web has been a very sensitive matter that all who make use of bitcoin on the dark web talk about in recent times. We need to discuss some of the relevant matters here; to know about the dark web bitcoin mixers, one needs to know what dark web is, and what bitcoin mixers are.

The dark web

For most people, the dark web as we know of it today is another version of the internet or the web as you may want to call it and this version of the web is where you go to when what you’re about to do is a very secretive project or an illegal endeavor. In the real sense of it, the dark web is a part of the internet that is streamlined by privacy and it is stretched outside of the reach of the clearnet. This simply means that you cannot access the dark web contents directly by pointing to the dark web address in your browser. The only way to access the dark web is by using special software like Tor. In the dark web their shops, markets, vendors and buyers. There you will see all sorts of illegal goods been sold on their markets, drug stores and ammunition stores where guns and bullets are sold, etc. so the main aim of the dark market is anonymity and secrecy at the highest level.

What is bitcoin?

In the world of trade also known as buying and selling goods and services, the method used as the means of payment is traded by barter in ancient times. This takes place as the buyer brings the product he has that is equivalent in value to what he wants to buy and the seller will give him the product and collect his product too. Nowadays, the mode of payment changed to money, but money as a mode of payment has many problems that cannot be solved in issues of payment for goods and services from far distances of the world, this brought about the introduction of cryptocurrencies which are online currencies that can be sent to anywhere around the world in an instant. Once you know the address of the person you want to send it to it will be credited to the person in seconds. The best of the crypto currencies is bitcoin and it can be used by anybody. Once you have a bitcoin wallet and you have the address you want to send the bitcoin to, you are good to transact.

What are bitcoin mixers?

Bitcoin transactions are thought to be anonymous from the onset, unknowingly for early bitcoin users they don’t know that it is traceable and very open to people that want to check or trace the transactions made by people on the blockchain. The blockchain is like the register of all bitcoin transactions, what you send and how much and who send the bitcoin will all be seen on the blockchain because all the bitcoin transactions are been registered on it. This blockchain is open source, very much open to anybody that wants to see what is going on there. The government uses this blockchain to get money launders and those that are involved in criminal activities with bitcoin transactions. so the aim of using bitcoin is been defeated by the non-anonymity of the currency, with this now as the problem a very big solution is now gotten to curb the non-anonymity of the bitcoin, which is the bitcoin mixer.
The bitcoin mixer as it is called is something that you use to mix up your bitcoin. Bitcoin mixing is carried out by different people and different groups and different websites on the web. What they do exactly in the bitcoin mixing is that they collect bitcoin from different types of people and they put it all in their database for some time and allow the bitcoin or several different people to mix-up together and they will be given back to the owner of the bitcoin. This makes the tracing of such bitcoin very difficult, and in order words, making it untraceable and anonymous. Bitcoin mixing takes some time and this require you to have a bitcoin wallet with the website that wants to mix your bitcoin for you which they will put your bitcoin after it has been mixed for you. Some of these bitcoin mixing websites may charge some particular amount of money or fee for mixing the coin for customers, while some do it for free, they just charge the bitcoin normal transfer fees.

There is a long list of dark web bitcoin mixers but here are a few of those websites.

SMART MIX is a website that deals with mixing up of bitcoin with an experienced rating that is off the charts. The website charges a small transaction fee for mixing bitcoins and they have very good and attractive policies and features.

The second one is the ANONYMIX, and it is another website on the dark web that deals with mixing up of bitcoin. Users don’t need to register on this website to be able to mix up bitcoin and as such, the website maintains user anonymity on a very high standard.

We have so many of these websites on the dark web that all they do is to mix bitcoin up for people that wants to make their bitcoin transaction anonymous. Dark web bitcoin mixers are those websites that gather up several bitcoin users bitcoin and mix them up together and redistribute it to them after some time so that the bitcoin you send to them is not the one you will be given back, with that you can carry out your anonymous transaction on the dark web with your clean and new bitcoin. Bitcoin mixers help make dirty bitcoin clean and they can also be called bitcoin washers.

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